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Mobile Welding, Fabrication , Structural Steel, complete Portable service Commercial Stairs and Railings

Minneapolis and St. Paul

Toms Welding Service offers a variety of services including 24 HR. Call Out Service for Minneapolis and ST. Paul and Suburbs, We offer On Site Fabrication and Repair for Structural Steel. We offer our Services to the Marine Industries, Industrial Commercial, and Residential Construction Companies, and the Agricultural Communities, Including State, County, and Local Highway and Maintenance Departments.

Toms Welding Service will travel the 5 State area MN. ND. SD. IA. WI.

We offer a full range of Welding Services : Stick, TIG and Wire, on a full range of material : Mild Steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel.

We are currently Certified AWS D1.1 and ASMW B31.3  API 1104

We offer Underpinning and Shoring Service.

At Toms Welding Service we will provide Architectural and Engineered, Structural and Mechanical Plans and Drawings or Follow yours.

We have built Ornamental Iron Gates and Fences, Pens, Pavilions, Railings, Decks, Stairways, Docks, Rafts, Awnings, Doors and Shutters security and ornamental Horse Barns, Steel Buildings, Play Ground Equipment

No Job Too Small